The benefits of using personality tests

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5 Really Good Reasons To Take A Personality Test

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DiSC Overview

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Historically, development of the Revised NEO PI-R began in. Your personality is what makes you, well, you — even if experts can’t settle on an exact definition of the word.

Most agree, however, that personality is the overall pattern of how a person feels, thinks and behaves throughout life. Some employers use personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment tool, the NEO-Personality Inventory or the Personality Characteristics Inventory to better understand personality traits of job candidates.

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Personality Testing Benefits

Importance of Personality Testing. Personality and aptitude tests (psychometrics) are helpful for managing people and for understanding yourself. Additionally, personality tests may also be part of the job hunt.

Some companies use the assessments in the application process to help vet candidates.

The benefits of using personality tests
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