Test tube mystery lab report

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Solve the Mystery Lab and Make a Silver Christmas Ornament

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WASTE • All solutions. The U.N.'s weather group says greenhouse gasses in the air hit record levels. May 19,  · In this lab there are going to be 10 test tubes The will contain 6M HCl 6M NH3 3M H2SO4 6M NaOH M solutions of Ca(NO3)2 Ba(NO3)2 Cu(NO3)2 BiCl3 in HCl Cr(NO3)3 Al(NO3)3 YOu can only mix the test tubes.

The Ten Test Tube Mystery? In this lab there are going to be 10 test tubes The will contain 6M HCl Report Status: Resolved. Test Tube Mystery Lab Report Essay 10 Test Tube Mystery Introduction: The students were handed 10 test tubes with no identification. The students were supposed to design a method in determining what chemical was in each test tube.

The list of chemicals is CuSO4, NH4Cl, NaOH, AgNO3, KI, H2SO4, NaBr, CaCl2, HCl, and. Mystery Test Tube Lab Introduction: Chemists, like detectives, attempt to identify unknowns through a process of careful and Each group’s lab report will have these sections in this order.

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Test tube mystery lab report
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