Sewing project

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17 Cool Sewing Projects You Can Put Up For Sale At The Next Craft Show

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Free Fun Sewing and Craft Projects

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Home sewing with Sewing & Craft Alliance - free sewing projects, free patterns, learn to sew articles, SEW-lutions Guidelines, sewing and craft tips, bridal sewing, crafts for kids and more. Learn how to sew a collapsible Easter egg basket with this easy Easter basket pattern that folds flat!

Happy Monday! I’m so excited today to introduce you to my new contributor, Jennifer of Thermies!She’ll be dropping by every now and then with her happy little sewing projects. Browse Brother's sewing and embroidery collection and find your perfect next project: from crafts to fashion to home d‚cor.

Want cash as a reward for your efforts in your sewing creations? Get more inspiration and ideas for sewing projects you can make some money out of!

Sewing & Embroidery Projects to Jump-Start Your Creativity

The result of a 3 hours work (yup, it took me that long lol) is a sweet and cute, colorful, comfortable flutter dress for a 4 years old little girl. This Fabric Basket Sewing Tutorial first appeared over at the Riley Blake Designs blog.

If you enjoyed this project you may also like to join in our Quilt Block of the Month series. Hello There!! My name is Melissa Mortenson and I’m .

Sewing project
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Mason Jar Sewing Kit