Life boat ethics

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Essay:Lifeboat ethics

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LIFEBOAT ETHICS Garrett Hardin In the seventies and eighties, a neoconservative movement broke with the official rhetoric of America’s good intentions around the world.

The ethics of the lifeboat persist, unchanged by such momentary aberrations. This then is the basic metaphor within which we must work out our solutions. Let us enrich the image step by step with substantive additions from the real world.

Lifeboat is a American survival film directed by Alfred Hitchcock from a story by John Steinbeck. The film stars Tallulah Bankhead with William Bendix.

Lifeboat ethics

Also in the cast are Walter Slezak, Mary Anderson and John Hodiak. In my intro class I’m teaching Garrett Hardin’s famous article, “Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor.”I hadn’t appreciated quite how horrible it is.

It’s not (just) that I disagree with his conclusions – I teach material I disagree with all the time. Lifeboat ethics, or the lifeboat problem, is the moral dilemma created by imagining the following situation: You are the captain of a lifeboat that can only hold 15 people, but there are currently 20 in it.

A Critique of Lifeboat Ethics. As each year goes by, it becomes more and more clear that over-population is a problem that must be dealt with.

This isn’t just an issue for the more populated.

Life boat ethics
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