Hardness testing lab report

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Hardness Testing Lab Report

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TENSILE TESTING. Tensile Testing is a daily routine test at ATRONA.


We perform tensile testing for various industries on a large variety of components and raw material. HARDNESS TESTING Objective combinations can be selected and used in Brinell hardness testing.

The Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) is obtained by dividing the applied force P, in kgf; by the curved surface area considered in lab report. Lab Report Requirements 1. Results. Mechanical TesTing of engineering MaTerials Professor Kyriakos Komvopoulos Department of Mechanical Engineering University of California—Berkeley.


Hardness Laboratory Laboratory Performed on September 23, by the Late Tuesday Lab Group: Ryan Carmichael, Rachel Cohen, Zach Eichenwald, Anne Krikorian, Jing Ng, Meghan Whalen Report by Ryan Carmichael and Anne Krikorian E59 Laboratory Report – Submitted October 7, suggest that the Rockwell hardness test is a poor test.

The laboratory sessions included mechanical testing such as Rockwell hardness testing, the tensile test, the Charpy impact test, and the Jominy end-quench test. Materials and Methods For the first method of this experiment, the Rockwell hardness testing of brass, the TA prepared three different types of brass for testing.

What To Know Before Testing Your Water Water Testing Lab. Before ordering a water quality test kit, you must first decide what you need to test for.

Hardness testing lab report
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