Ankle sprains

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How long does it take to recover from a sprained ankle?

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Eliminate Ankle Sprains With This 3-Minute Daily Routine

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Ankle Sprains

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How to Care for a Sprained Ankle

Ankle sprains People who sprain our ankle repeatedly may also make surgical repair to tighten their ideas. 3 Grades of Ankle Sprains. Sprains can range from minor to severe. Your doctor likely will put your sprain at one of three "grades" based on the amount of damage: WebMD does not provide.

A sprain, also known as a torn ligament, is damage to one or more ligaments in a joint, often caused by trauma or the joint being taken beyond its functional range of severity of sprain ranges from a minor injury which resolves in a few days to a major rupture of one or more ligaments requiring surgical fixation and a period of immobilization.

How long it takes to recover from a sprained ankle depends on the type and severity of the ankle sprain. Broadly speaking, ankle sprains can be classified into low ankle sprains and high ankle sprains. The podiatrists at The Centers For Foot & Ankle Care have podiatry offices in the Cincinnati metroplex and specialize in comprehensive care of the foot and ankle.

I was looking for something so i climbed onto the sink to look up there. It wasn't up there so i climbed back down, but as i was climbing down i fell and landed on my ankle. A sprained ankle is one of the most common orthopedic injuries.

Every day, about 25, people in the U.S. suffer an ankle sprain. Ankle sprains occur in both athletes and those with sedentary lifestyles, and they can occur during sports or when walking to carry out daily activities.

Ankle sprains
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